02.Legend of El Drac (Dragon) de Na Coca

Legend of El Drac (Dragon) de Na Coca Plaza de Santa Eulàlia. Where the drug store Casa Vila is sited today is the site of the old house, Can Rosselló. This building belonged to the descendents of Captain Coch, a knight who killed the famous Drac (dragon) de na Coca. Legend states that in the seventeenth century a terrible dragon lived in the labyrinth of sewers situated between the Cathedral and calle Portella, wreaking terror among the city’s inhabitants.

It is said that the beast went out at night in search of victims to feed on. Some neighbours claimed to have seen it and their description of this monster froze the blood of even the most courageous. Enormous, covered with scales, its tail twining, crawling along on its four feet, the monster crawled through the twisting streets of the neighbourhood.

One night a knight arrived in Palma to visit his beloved. His name was Bartomeu Coch, governor of Alcúdia. At the foot of the wall, he swung the knocker of the Portella and strode into the walled city up to the house where the lady he was courting resided. While the couple spoke lovingly, the wild beast appeared from the darkness of the night. Immediately the captain drew his sword and mortally wounded the dragon, which he dragged under the his lover’s window, offering it as proof of his love.

The Plaça de Santa Eulàlia was also called the Plaça Nova and Plaça de les Cols, because formerly a vegetable market set up here. In the Santa Eulàlia neighbourhood, products were sold, mainly agricultural ones, which arrived from the island’s interior. Apart from its mercantile function, this was where public executions took place, as recorded in the Llibre de sentències criminals [Book of Criminal Sentences] 1607-1635.

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